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How is Michigan doing with its new Medical Cannabis Laws?

For those looking to get into this “Green Rush” it is critically important that one understands that this business is not designed to accommodate the novice Medical Cannabis entrepreneur and investor.  

The Michigan Medical Cannabis Industry is being regulated by LARA the Department of Licensing and Regulated Affairs. LARA has created a special unit for the regulation of medical marijuana called the Bureau of Medical Marijuana. The Bureau of Medical Marijuana regulates the Michigan’s medical marihuana facilities and licensees, including growers, processors, transporters, provisioning centers and safety compliance facilities.  The bureau also oversees the Michigan’s patient registry program and administers the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.

For those looking to develop a career and invest into Michigan’s Medical Cannabis Industry it is important that you are aware that the new Michigan Medial Cannabis laws have designate five classes of licenses that will be available for qualified Michigan applicants:

  1. A growers license with three classes of growers
    • Class A – people who can grow up to 500 plants,
    • Class B – people who can grow up to 1,000 plants,
    • Class C – or up to 1,500 plants.
  2. A processor license
  3. A safety compliance facility license (Lab)
  4. A secure transporter license
  5. A provisioning center license (Dispensary)

Back in January 16, 2017 a well written article “New laws in Michigan shake up the marijuana industry” by Christian Sheckler South Bend Tribune sharing with Michigan’s Medical Cannabis Patient, Caregiver, and General Public that BIG changes are coming.  These changes are important as Michigan’s registered Medical Cannabis Patients are above 2oo,ooo and climbing.  This large number of register patients drives the logic behind rolling out this Medical Cannabis Industry in a cogent and regulated way.  

In theory, depending of course on many other factors that can be considered as basic “business 101” knowledge, the current Michigan Cannabis Caregiver should have some advantages in dealing with LARA’s medical marijuana regulations.  Provided  with the proper council and advise, assuming they follow the complex and ever changing laws, this new legislation could transform the former Caregivers learned skill set into a BIG Business. If you are qualified and acquire any of the 3 proposed classes of growers licenses this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  It does indeed appear the grass is greener on the other side!

Benchmark Labs Rebrands!

Theracann-Logo-largeOn September 11, 2016 Benchmark Labs officially rebrands to TheraCann International Corporation.  According to Chris Bolton, Chief Operating Officer “Benchmark Labs had a long and established history but as our core business focus has changed and now that we are operating internationally it was time to relaunch under a new brand that also properly identified our new lines of business.”

The 5 lines of business that Mr. Bolton referred to include BenchmarkACT, BenchmarkBUILD, BenchmarkGROW, BenchmarkMARKET, BenchmarkINSIGHT to provide a TOTAL SOLUTION to its clients.

20160907-TheraProducts-SG-v01TheraCann International Corporation is also taking this opportunity to relaunch its secure ERP software as TheraCannSYSTEM.



20160907-TheraProducts-SG-v01In addition TheraCann is launching its new air cleaning solution as TheraCannAIR.

Federal Court Ruling Not Appealed!

Minister PhilpotToday Health Canada Minister Jane Philpott has decided not to appeal Justice Phelan’s decision that requires amendments to the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR).

According to the Minister ““We will respect the decision of the federal court and as such we are now in a situation where we have responsibility to address the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations and they will be amended accordingly in order to address the concerns of the court.”

Under Justice Phelan’s decision Health Canada has until mid-August to make those changes to the MMPR.  TheraCann will therefore continue to keep you updated on any proposed specifics of these changes and how they will be implemented.

For a full review of Minister Philpott’s comments please click here.

To learn more about our analysis for Justice Phelan’s decision click here.

Benchmark Labs and Bergman’s Lab Join Forces!

Bergman Lab and Benchmark Labs v1CALGARY ALBERTA –TheraCann International Corporation (“TheraCann”) is pleased to announce it has entered into a strategic partnership with Bergman’s Lab (“Bergman”), based in Holland and a leading supplier of comprehensive training programs to producers and growers of marijuana for medical and recreational use.

TheraCann is pleased to have been asked to bring the Bergman program to North America.  Bergman is globally recognized for its training and support programs.  As a result of the partnership, TheraCann and its clients will benefit from the years of experience Robert Bergman brings to the marijuana industry in Canada and the United States. TheraCann will integrate the Bergman training program into its industry-leading ERP seed to sale software, “SYSTEM”, providing its clients with even greater benefits and the ability to access and reference all training materials at any time. Bergman will gain greater exposure to the North American market and be provided a secure platform for their clients through TheraCann’s secure, web-based SYSTEM.

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CDC new guidelines may open door to Medical Marijuana

CDClogoCDC issues sweeping new guidelines to restrict opioid prescribing

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, based in Atlanta Georgia USA, issued new guidelines in an attempt to stem the tide of deaths and overdoses resulting from the consumption of opioids to manage pain.  This family of pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by physicians to treat chronic pain, has long been known for its addictive qualities and high risk of overdose.

“Management of chronic pain is an art and a science. The science of opioids for chronic pain is clear” for the vast majority of patients, the known, serious, and too-often fatal risks far outweigh the unproven and transient benefits, wrote CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden and Dr. Debra Houry, the director of the CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control in an essay today in the New England Journal of Medicine.”

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Justice Phelan Allard et. al. v. Her Majesty the Queen

marijuana law_300On Wednesday February 24, 2016, Justice Phelan of the BC Federal Court announced his decision in the matter between Allard, Beemish, Hebert and Davey (the “Plaintiffs”) and the Federal Government (the “Defendant” – Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada).

The matter concerned the plaintiffs claim that their Section 7 Charter Rights were violated by the repeal by Health Canada of the Medical Marihuana Access Regulations (“MMAR”), in favour of the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (“MMPR”), introduced in July 2013.

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Legalizing Marijuana: A Look at the Numbers

Medical-Marijuana-Taxation_300According to this Calgary Herald article, a new report from CIBC World Markets says Canada’s federal and provincial governments could reap as much as $5 billion annually in tax revenues from the sale of legal marijuana. CIBC also estimates that the market could blossom to $10 billion annually.

Prime Minister Trudeau maintains that legalized marijuana will not be a cash cow and that all revenues will address mental health and addiction issues. Given the current economic uncertainty Canada is facing, perhaps it is time the government reconsiders its stance on this issue by expanding the revenues to offset costs for broader health care programs and medical or scientific research. Like other “sin” taxes, such as alcohol or gaming, large portion of the proceeds are returned to the community by supporting charitable and community-based programs, thereby freeing up government funding for other programs.

The bottom line is that if marijuana is going to be legalized, there must be a comprehensive strategy in place to ensure the medical, social and economic well-being of Canadians.

Benchmark Joins CNMMA

CNMMAJanuary 20, 2015: TheraCann International Corporation (formerly Benchmark Labs) is pleased to announce it has become a active member of the Canadian National Medical Marijuana Association (CNMMA).

The purpose of CNMMA is to:

  1. Advocate for the Canadian Medicinal Marijuana Sector: The new program- like all new programs – will go through challenges and barriers including unintended consequences of the regulations. As a community, the members of the CNMMA will have an official voice to work with governments to ensure the sector has the parameters to be successful.

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Benchmark Becomes a Peer1 Authorized Partner

Peer1 LogoAs of December 20, 2014, TheraCann International Corporation (formerly known as Benchmark Labs) is pleased to have become a Peer1 Authorized Partner that will then host individual servers on behalf of TheraCann Clients who are using the BenchmarkSYSTEM.

As an Authorized Peer1 Partner TheraCann is now able to pass along cost savings directly to its Licensed Producer Clients.

PEER 1 Hosting supplies a broad range of Internet infrastructure solutions to businesses all over the world. All delivered over the rock-solid and reliable FastFiber Network™. From startups to established businesses, PEER 1 Hosting provides highly scalable solutions that respond at Internet speed. From Colocation and Managed Hosting to Dedicated Servers and Cloud, PEER 1 Hosting can handle whatever our clients need.

To learn more about out the BenchmarkSYSTEM utilizes the Peer 1 Internet infrastructure contact us.