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Application Rescue

  • Application Rescue


The project is to produce, process and distribute Cannabis and is based on a federal regulatory license application.  That application was in risk of dismissal given the Client had not provide sufficient detailed information required by the regulatory body.

TheraCann was contracted to provide a new cannabis license application to the governing regulatory body utilizing our BenchmarkACT services.  This project involved the re-submission of Clients Section 3, 4, 8, 9, 10 and 11 of the pre-existing MMPR regulations including a new site and floor security plan, sourcing a qualified quality assurance person (QAP) and all required standard operating procedures (SOP’s), good management practices (GMP’s) and methods, and have applied the BenchmarkSYSTEM ERP software in support of audit, patient order and communications, inventory tracking, quality data management and record keeping regulatory requirements.

The amended application provided by TheraCann was received, processed and the client application moved to “pre-license inspection” the final phase of license application.

Client: Ontario Based

Location: Central Ontario

Area: ~35,000 sq. ft.

Value: ~$9,000,000

Completed date: January 2015

Architect: TheraCann International Corporation

Category: Application Rescue, Consulting, Security, Software Integration