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TheraCann International Corporation

TheraCann International provides the most advanced ERP software designed to manage your day to day operations as well as to provide critical operational, quality assurance and market data. Customized reporting enables our clients to pull data from a variety of sources with a few clicks. Instantly assess the insights from operational data through a visual representation to make better decisions in real-time. Target the right cannabis product to the right demographic at the right time to increase pipeline momentum. Automate SOP workflow with role-based assignments to ensure regulatory compliance.

Our goal is to ensure that what you require for your building (planning, site design, TheraCannAir and security), cultivation (irrigation, fertigation, dehumidication, HVAC, lighing), extraction (cold shake, suprecritical CO2), package & label, destruction (fermentation), analysis (onsite biological and chemical analysis) and secure Web based Enterprise Relational Process (ERP) seed-to-sale Software (TheraCannSYSTEM) are all provided as part of one TOTAL SOLUTION .

If you do not find what you are looking for please contact us and we can assist in locating for you.

Chris Bolton, B.A.(Hons.), LL.B.,
Chief Operating Officer


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