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OS2 Enterpise Cannabis Simplified is the core for the TheraCannSYSTEM which provides a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software as a Service (SaaS) tha is ISO 17025(2005) and Safe Quality Food (SQF) compliant, designed to manage strict regulatory requirements with respect to quality assurance, document & and patient prescription management, inventory tracability & recall, and auto-worklow assignment of critical reportable events.


As part of our BenchmarkSOLUTION services offering, TheraCannSYSTEM is designed to help you:

  • Customized reporting that enables you to pull data from a variety of sources with a few clicks.
  • Instantly assess the insights from operational data through a visual representation to make better decisions in real-time.
  • Target the right cannabis product to the right demographic at the right time to increase pipeline momentum.
  • Automate SOP workflow with role-based assignments to ensure regulatory compliance.


  • 10+ years in software development
  • fully configurable
  • designed for integration
  • unlimited Users per location
  • not on shared server, dedicated Cloud resources
  • World wide availability with compliance to local regulations
  • ISO 17025(2005) and SQF Compliant
  • easily adapts to new regulations
  • Total Solution

TheraCannSYSTEM Brochure

At TheraCann we are committed to providing a TOTAL SOLUTION to our Clients. We believe that well planned, designed, implemented and supported Cannabis operation(s) have a distinct competitive advantage over over “best guess” Cannabis facilities.

Total Solution

With OS2 Enterprise Cannabis Simplified the TheraCannSYSTEM is a Total Solution that integrates our services and vendor offerings including:

  • cultivation data
  • extraction data
  • analytical laboratory data
  • package & label data
  • shipping & return data
  • patient feedback data

We connect expertise across Cannabis services, markets, and geographies to deliver transformative outcomes. Worldwide, we plan, design, build, finance, operate and manage projects and programs that unlock Cannabis sector opportunities.

Embedded in our culture of hard work, honesty, and getting the well done job, our history tells not only much about our past but also it does our present. Our record of succeeding, surviving, and striving to be the best is central to our reputation today.

Utilize ISO 17025(2005) 90%
Utilize SQF 80%
Utilize Lean Manufacturing 70%

Next Steps

Our BenchmarkINSIGHT TheraCannSYSTEM service Team is standing by to work with you to conduct a demo of TheraCannSYSTEM and to confirm point of integration and configuration.

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Our Advantage

TheraCannSYSTEM is an ISO 17025(2005) and Safe Quality Food (SQF) compliant enterprise relational planning (ERP) software that was first released in 2006. Find out more with the TheraCannSYSTEM Q and A.

At the core of the TheraCannSYSTEM is security and regulatory compliance.  Security for clients, their patients, and regulatory bodies.

The OS2 Enterprise Cannabis Simplified architecture, hosting location, back-up plan, threat detection, disaster recovery and ongoing support is our #1 focus.

To better appreciate the full scope of the TheraCannSYSTEM please review the following comparison:


Back Ground and InfrastructureMJ FreeWayTheraCannSYSTEM
Software Years in Development59
Primary Country Of DeploymentUnited StatesCanada
PlatformSelect Online, Mobile DevicesDevice Independent
HostingCloud Based Non-Dedicated (Shared) or Stand Alone on SiteCloud Based Dedicated
Hosting SecurityUnpublishedPeer1
Operating SystemWindows, Mac, LinuxUbuntu Linux
Software Modules Purchased Separately or as 1 SoftwareSeparatelyAs 1 Bundle (ensures easy upgrades)
Payment GatewayLimitedUnlimited
Software TrainingVirtualOne-on-One
Proficiency Training CertificateNoYes
Technical SupportPurchased Separately for Each ModuleCovers Entire Application
Staff>25 less than 50>25 less than 50
Technical Support AvailabilityWhen AvailableDedicated Monthly Availability
Administrative FeaturesMJ FreeWayTheraCannSYSTEM
Limiting software access based on User Roles, Profiles, or GroupsNoYes
Mutilingual and Multi-CurrencyNoYes
Project, Project Milestone and Project Task Assignments to UsersNoYes
User Time TrackingNoYes
Configurable Field Name ChangesNoYes
Configurable Dash Board SettingsNoYes
ISO 17025(2005) and Safe Quality Food Document Version Control ComplianceNoYes
GAAP non-deletion of records complianceNoYes
Configurable Auto-workflowsNoYes
Full Import and Export Capabilities For Each ModuleNoYes
Quality AssuranceMJ FreeWayTheraCannSYSTEM
ISO 17025(2005) ComplaintNoYes
Safe Quality Food CompliantNoYes
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) CompliantNoYes
SSAE16 Type II Certified and CSAE 3416 Server Security complaintNoYes
Protects against deletion of records in softwareNoYes
HACCP Auto-WorklowNoYes
Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure Auto-Work-flowNoYes
Clean Premise Auto-Work-flowNoYes
Clean Equipment Auto-Work-flowNoYes
Handling Processing Auto-Work-flowNoYes
Handing Storage Auto-Work-flowNoYes
Safety Hygiene Auto-Work-flowNoYes
Safety Health Auto-Work-flowNoYes
Emergency Response Auto-Work-flowNoYes
Quality Assurance Person One-Over-One Auto-Work-flowNoYes
Trouble Ticket and Corrective Action Report Auto-NotificationNoYes
SecurityMJ FreeWayTheraCannSYSTEM
Dedicated Fire Wall Server to Protect Web Application ServersNoYes
IP Attack Blocking Software on All ServersNoYes
Server File Access Alert and TrackingNoYes
IP Address Software Blocking to Authorized UsersNoYes
User Log-in TrackingNoYes
Failed User Log-in TrackingNoYes
User Audit Trail TrackingNoYes
Simultaneous Back-up on Dual Quad Core ServersNoYes
Daily full Back-up to Back-up ServerNoYes
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Web Application ComplianceNoYes
Dedicated PBX Server with incoming / outgoing call balancingNoYes
Server Location in Canada to avoid Privacy Act InfringementNoYes
Server Hosting Site SSAE 16 Type II and CSAE 3416 Type II CertifiedNoYes
Integration to Security Digital Video SoftwareNoIn Process
Plant ManagementMJ FreeWayTheraCannSYSTEM
Automated Task RemindersYesYes
Chain of Custody TrackingYesYes
Seed, Clone and Mother TrackingBasicAdvanced
Integration to AVID Cultivation SoftwareNoIn Process
Energy Consumption MonitoringYesYes
Grow Cost TrackingYesYes
Ingredient TrackingYesYes
Multi-Room SetupYesYes
Patient to Plant AssignmentBasicAdvanced
Plant AuditingBasicAdvanced
Plant Notes & RemindersBasicAdvanced
Recipe ManagementYesYes
Seed TrackingBasicAdvanced
Strain TrackingBasicAdvanced
Unique Barcode AssignmentBasicAdvanced
Unique QR Code AssignmentNoYes
Unique RFID AssignmentNoYes
Waste Tracking and Regulatory Destruction Reporting**Basic but not CompliantAdvanced and Compliant
Batch Sample Analysis TrackingNoYes
Final Product Sample Analysis TrackingNoYes
Sample and Sample Analysis ManagementNoYes
Direct Traceability from Final Product to Clone or SeedNoYes
Integrated Sample Analysis Report to Sample Batch RecordsNoYes
Inventory ManagementMJ FreeWayTheraCannSYSTEM
Configurable Inventory CategoriesNoYes
Chemical and Pesticide Inventory TrackingNoYes
Cleaning Supply and Health & Safety Item TrackingNoYes
Auto-Generate Transportation ManifestsYesYes
Batch TrackingYesYes
Driver/Vehicle InfoBasicAdvanced
Integration to Courier SoftwareNoYes
Inventory Conversion From Raw to Produced / Quality or DestroyedNoYes
Inventory GradingBasicAdvanced
Multiple Inventory LocationsYesYes
Vendor Document Scanned RecordYesYes
Virtual Paper TrailYesYes
Weight accountability (wet / dry for harvest / dry / cure)BasicAdvanced
Wholesale Bulk TransfersYesYes
Auto-Recall Trouble Ticket NotificationsNoYes
Auto-Recall Trouble Ticket Escalation NotificationNoYes
Auto-Recall Trouble Ticket Auto-Reporting to Minister of HealthNoYes
Sales and Purchase FeaturesMJ FreeWayTheraCannSYSTEM
Sales OrderNoYes
Purchase OrderBasicAdvanced
Auto-Generate of new Asset upon arrival of Purchased ItemNoYes
Maximum Ordering Auto-Lockout FeatureNoYes
Apply Discounts/SpecialsYesYes
Cumulative Price PointsYesYes
Customizable FieldsYesYes
Online OrderingYesYes
Federal and Sales TaxNoYes
Integration with Accounting SoftwareBasicAdvanced
Patient, Authorized Medical Personnel and Law Enforcement ManagementMJ FreeWayTheraCannSYSTEM
Secure Patient Portal Log-inNoYes
Integrated Patient e-mail communicationsNoYes
Integrated Patient phone communicationsNoYes
Integrated Patient Web form communicationsNoYes
Integration Patient Activity HistoryNoYes
Integration Patient Trouble TicketNoYes
Patient VerificationBasicAdvanced
Authorized Medical Prescription VerificationNoAdvanced
Authorized Medical Person VerificationNoAdvanced
Law Enforcement Enquiry VerificationNoAdvanced
Customer Loyalty ProgramsYesYes
Enforce Maximum Prescription Sales LimitsBasicAdvanced
Membership LevelsYesYes
Patient Document ScanningYesYes
Patient NotesYesYes
Patient SchedulingYesYes
Wait TimeYesYes
Call-Center Patient Direct FeedbackNoYes
CASTLE Complaint Integration to MailChimp for Email CommunicationsNoYes
Vendor ManagementMJ FreeWayTheraCannSYSTEM
Record of all authorized VendorsNoYes
Record of all Purchase OrdersNoYes
Minimum Level Inventory NotificationNoYes
Record of all Trouble TicketsNoYes
Asset (Equipment) ManagementMJ FreeWayTheraCannSYSTEM
Record of all on-site AssetsNoYes
Record Asset Trouble TicketsNoYes
Record Assets Repair SchedulesBasicAdvanced
Record Asset Maintenance ReportsNoYes
Document ManagementMJ FreeWayTheraCannSYSTEM
Single Source Electronic File System ManagementNoAdvanced
Document Version and Access ControlNoYes
Document Access Frequency RecordNoYes
Auto-Generate Update For Updated Electronic DocumentsNoYes
Tracking User Access to Updated RecordsNoYes
ReportsMJ FreeWayTheraCannSYSTEM
Secure Auto-Generation and Transmission to Regulatory BodyNoYes
Fully Configurable Reports (Build Reports using Any Module and Field)NoYes
Inventory ReportsBasicAdvanced
Grow House ReportsBasicAdvanced
Sales ReportsBasicAdvanced
ISO 17025(2005) Compliant Trouble Ticket ReportsNoYes
Safe Quality Food CompliantNoYes
Quote, Sales Order, Invoice Report ConfigurabilityBasicAdvanced
Tax TrackingYesYes
Vendor ReportsNoYes
Export To Excel as .xlsNoYes
Export To Excel as .csvYesYes
Export To Word as .rtfNoYes
Export to Adobe as .pdfNoYes
Export as as Printed to PrinterNoYes
Export as as Printed to Editable Adobe PDFNoYes