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Cost effectively and efficiently On-site handle medical marijuana waste.


Waste produced at a dispensary or by a producer must be rendered unusable before it leaves the facility and then it must be transported to a properly licensed facility for composting but there are few approved available sites for composting and every step in this process is expensive and time consuming.

Composting the waste in a bokashi fermenting system on-site solves the problem for Producers. This process can accommodate any size operation. Waste is degraded and rendered useless in as little as 10 days in specially designed fermenters. The bio pulp produced can be recycled in soil maintained on the premises.

Bokashi fermenting is a method of rapidly metabolizing all organic waste with naturally occurring soil microbes.  It is 10 times faster than composting, produces no greenhouse gases, produces no heat, and takes only 7 days.  The “pickled” waste material is then mixed with soil to return all the nutrients and microbes to soil.


Transporting waste from on-site locations requires chain of custody documentation, enhanced security and properly approved and licensed transport services. Accurate account records are required to establish that the mass of material leaving the facility is identical to the mass of material accepted at the composting site. Off-site disposal solutions are less efficient and costly for Producers. Bokashi on-site solutions offers a clear choice for the medical cannabis cultivation market.

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A dedicated area for processing should be established.  A shredding unit will be put into position so that all inoculated shredded material ideally falls directly into the fermenter.  The fermenter is then set aside with a sealed lid equipped with a safety pressure release valve cassette.

The minimum number of fermenters is two per site as one fermenter is completing the pickling process while the second is being filled.  This allows the operator to continuously run and process waste without any interruptions.