The recent world wide boom in the cannabis industry, has created a sense of urgency for many prospective licensed producers in their desire to “fast-track” the construction of their grow and processing facilities. This fast track pursuit to establish their operation without delay, has resulted in a detrimental lack of attention to specific design requirements for high quality cultivation and processing of cannabis resulting in sub-standard building systems and inferior end-product quality.


The desire for a quickly constructed building, combined with the general lack of experience with the many ownership teams in understanding the importance of proper building system design, specifically related to cannabis production, has created numerous situations where the licensed producer has had to inject stifling “post construction” capital into their facilities in an attempt to rectify issues that have proven to be damaging to their product quality, and in some cases affecting all aspects of their operation.


The hastiness by which many producers have elected to assemble their projects, utilizing outside consultants and project team members that do not have a strong record of experience and success with cannabis facilities, has created the various issues which they now must rectify in order to achieve any chance of producing a quality product for the public.  The requirement to now retrofit their facility to meet the necessary standards expected in producing pharmaceutical grade medical marijuana, can be disastrous to most owners, resulting in a challenging financial impact as well as undesirable disruption to their fully operational facility.


Despite the many guidelines and regulations issued by the regulatory leaders in the worldwide cannabis industry, there continues to be a lack of clarity from these regulatory bodies on the best practice approach to what is required in terms of facility requirements to produce high grade cannabis products. The search for this information can be both frustrating and daunting as there is tends to be either a lack of information or misleading information in the marketplace as to the “best” approach to facility design.


Every ownership group, upon initiation of their project, must understand that seeking out and securing a project team to design their facility, a firm that has all required expertise internally within their wheelhouse, is critical to the success of their business overall. The most desirable  firm understands the fundamentals in cannabis facility design, commencing with an optimized functional layout of the facility, which takes into account the most systematic and efficient workflows for all aspects of the operation and integrates engineered mechanical and electrical systems layouts.


These foundational elements, combined with comprehensive recommendations and specifications for all interior and exterior building components and equipment that meet pharmaceutical and food grade regulatory requirements, will deliver the most economical yet most efficient solution to ensuring that a high quality end product is achieved and that the business remains profitable and successful for the long term.


We will continue to explore additional challenges and insights on developing optimal cannabis building solutions in our next blog…


By Robert Mulyk – Director of BenchmarkBUILD for TheraCann International.

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