Staying on Course – Employee Policies in the Cannabis Industry


As the newly appointed HR Director for TheraCann International with over 25 years of consulting and talent acquisition experience for over 100 industries – my most recent challenge has been creating a Code of Conduct policy that will not only insulate the company from unethical exposure but will also protect our employees and maintain our corporate integrity.

Our global corporation of consultants travel Internationally and attend trade shows and conferences and attend meetings with high level government officials.  At many of the trade shows and conferences Cannabis is available for the sampling, testing, touching and procurement.  The industry has created an environment where corporate conduct is encouraged to cross blurry lines and to perform and act outside the rules of the corporate road.  Our employees travel through countries that not only prohibit recreational use of cannabis, but medicinal use as well, and have harsh consequences for any association with this product.

Doing my research, I looked globally and reviewed Code of Conduct policies for companies who have offices in countries where local laws vary drastically from nation to nation.  GE a company I had partnered with in the past went above and beyond and implemented a Code of Ethics policy that I knew would work for our Global Consultants.  They tied their policy back to the mission and values of their corporation and created what was called a Code of Conduct Integrity Card.  This is a wallet size card that their employees carry with them and present when asked or when deemed appropriate.  I created a TheraCann Code of Conduct card for all our employees including those that will not be traveling.  It is signed and is always to be carried on their person.

Further to the Code of Conduct policy we have a Whistle blower policy.  This ensures that every employee knows there is a process that is confidential yet must be followed if they witness their colleague, client or vendor violating our code.  There is no grey area, there are no blurry lines.  If a colleague suspects unethical behaviour they must report it and a full investigation will ensue.

The Cannabis Industry who has been coined the Gold Rush of this millennium is moving at lightening speed and it is our job to stay ahead and remain at the forefront of the cannabis evolution. Our mission is to make our BenchmarkSOLUTION a brand that’s trusted around the world, by regulators, law enforcement, cannabis producers, processors, distributors, consumers, transporters and analytical laboratories. In other words, we are the company that is wiping out the blurry lines, the grey area and creating definition – neon definition.  For us to succeed we must ensure that every one of our employees and subsidiaries acts accordingly in all their affairs.  We believe we have created that environment where we work hard, have fun and we never have to look over our shoulder as we continue to create and follow the bright yellow lines on the road.

By Karyn Saunders -Director of Human Resources for TheraCann International.

For more information on Human resources management in the Cannabis Industry  please contact Karyn Saunders, Director of Human Resources for TheraCann International.