Changes to ACMPR Requirements

With the Canadian cannabis market traveling at the speed of light, there is to be expected a wide sweeping change related to both Federal and Provincial legislation governing the regulation of production, processing, distribution, analysis as well as how hemp will also be included / managed under these new regulations.

To keep you posted and up to date TheraCann International has provided a quick summary as to what to expect in October 2018.  This summary highlights how these changes may impact existing applications that currently in review and future applications. See: TheraCann Summary of Health Canada Proposed Changes_July19_2018(1)

To learn more about the current status of cannabis law in Canada, the Task Force on cannabis regulations and how cannabis will be regulated in the provinces and territories of Canada please Click Here.

For more information on Canadian regulations please contact Mimi Busk-Downey, Director of Regulatory Compliance for TheraCann International.